1. 😍🙌🙏 (at The Bean @ Millennium Park)

  2. Good morning, Chicago. 😊


  3. Why was I never informed that Chicago is full of hot dads? (And hot men, in general…)

  4. 103 stories up. Praying I don’t break through. (at Skydeck Chicago)


  5. Chicago is a blast. Love this town. If I wasn’t so dead set on living in Seattle, this would be higher on my list of places to live.


  6. geghedgs:

    selena / i could fall in love

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  7. Dashboard Confessional 😍 #riotfest (at Riot Music Festival, Humboldt Park)

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  8. Nice little river walk 😊 (at Chicago River Walk)

  9. Good afternoon, Chicago. You’re looking dapper.

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